Trader Joe’s Quinoa, Organic and White

This Trader Joe’s quinoa has a nice nutty and fresh flavor with a bit of a crunch. It can be cooked in the microwave, on the stove top, or even in a rice cooker. It also goes really well with stocks or broths since it absorbs liquid and flavors really well. This has a slightly different nutrition profile than the Trader Joe’s tricolor and red quinoas. If you are looking for a side dish packed with healthy nutritious value, TJ’s organic white quinoa is a really unique way to liven up your entree or salad. You can also eat TJs quinoa cold once you cook it and it will still have a really deep, nutty flavor to it. Trader Joe’s frozen quinoa is also available as an easier option………….

  • Product of Peru
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Quinoa is a gluten free seed full of nutritious value grown in South America

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Trader Joe’s Quinoa

What is everyone’s favorite Trader Joe’s quinoa recipe? I have not cooked much with quinoa other than simple preparations like you would rice. Are there different Trader Joe’s sauces you like with each kind of variety? A few times I followed the directions on the TJs quinoa bag and soaked some in a chicken stock I had, and it did turn out delicious. The nuttiness of the quinoa completely soaked in other flavors and sauces does seem really delicious. I’m curios to learn how everyone likes to cook quinoa and what their go to dish or sauce to pair it with is. The price of TJ’s quinoa seems to be a good value, priced roughly what Costco charges for a much bigger volume, and slightly above Walmart’s quinoa price. Has anyone used Trader Joe’s frozen quinoa for comparison sake taste wise? Check out these other options if you can’t make it to TJs….

Trader Joe’s Organic Tricolor Quinoa, 1 LB Bag (Pack of 2)

BetterBody Foods Organic Quinoa, Vegan, Complete plant protein, gluten free low, glycemic rice replacement, 24 ounce

Price: $4.99

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