Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi Burgers

These Trader Joe’s mahi mahi burgers are a really nice tasting fish patty. They hold up well on the grill or in a hot pan on the stove top. These little fish patties also have a good, fresh flavor that isn’t too fishy with just the right amount of rosemary and slight mustard taste. They do have grill and smoke flavor added which is why they taste a lot like a real burger would off the grill. If you want a healthy version of a burger without the meat, and don’t want a crazy fishy smell or taste, these mahi mahi burgers are a great option. They lose a little of their burger like texture when you reheat them, but still are great. You can find them in the frozen seafood section at Trader Joe’s…..…….

  • 140 calories per burger
  • Net Weight: 12.8 oz (4- 3.2 oz burgers)
  • Good tasting fish patty that grills up nicely

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Mahi Mahi Burgers at Trader Joe’s

I like putting some chili lime spice on these or even some salsa verde to have a fresh tasting island burger vibe. Basically anything tropical or sweet tasting like soyaki goes great on these fish burgers. What is everyone’s favorite mahi mahi burger recipe? I’m never quite sure whether these are better on the grill or seared in a hot pan. I’d love to know what everyone’s go to sauce that TJs sells is for these. In terms of a bun, I like a potato roll, but really any hearty bun holds up really well and absorbs a lot of the delicious tasting fish juice drippings. And if you can toast the bun a bit and spread it with some chipotle aioli, you will really be living large…..

Price: $6.99

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi Burgers

  1. Better than I expected, and a great deal for the price. I am a big fan of Costco’s salmon burgers, and these are almost as good. I cooked it in a frying pan, medium high heat, 6 minutes each side, and sprinkled lemon juice on top. Ate it with quinoa & wild rice, and sliced avocado on the side. Just because it’s a “burger”, it doesn’t mean it has to be paired with a bun. Enjoy!

  2. I just fried one up in a skillet with a bit of coconut aminos. I let it rest while I put together a simple butter lettuce and red onion salad. Topped the salad with the patty and a homemade Asian tahini dressing and it was a good, light dinner.

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