Trader Joe’s Lamb, Grass Fed

This Trader Joe’s lamb is boneless and grass fed, and is super easy to roast in the oven to a perfect medium rare. Boneless leg of lamb, especially ones from New Zealand, tend to be juicy and full of unique flavor. Lamb is definitely a taste that takes getting used to if you haven’t had it before, but it’s one of my favorite types of meat when cooked properly. There is also usually Trader Joe’s rack of lamb available, so it really depends how much money you want to spend and how labor intensive you want the cooking process to be. The total price of these boneless lamb legs is usually somewhere around $20, at a price of $8.99 per pound ………….

  • Grass fed
  • Net Weight: Average around 2.5 pounds
  • Product of New Zealand

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Boneless Lamb Leg from Trader Joe’s

There are a lot good lamb recipes out there, but generally boneless lamb leg can be made in the oven and taken out at a temperature somewhere around 135 degrees. Does everyone prefer rack of lamb or boneless leg of lamb? I’d love to hear some good lamb recipes or marinades/sauces that you like to rub into lamb before cooking. There’s nothing like roasting some lamb and having all the delicious lamb drippings infuse the potatoes with a ton of fat, juice and flavor! As long as you don’t overcook this lamb, it’s hard to go wrong. And I’ve even seen ground lamb starting to show up at places like Aldi, so I’d imagine Trader Joe’s may carry that eventually too. Trader Joe’s meat section has a pretty big variety and generally they are priced at a good value. And check the TJs website for easy and creative recipes to cook most of their meats….

Price: $8.99/lb

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8 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Lamb, Grass Fed

  1. This cut is wrapped in string and elastic banding. Can it be cooked like this or does it have to be removed before cooking?

    1. You cook it with the string (netting) on. This keeps the meat shaped. Remove after cooking, setting, and carving.

  2. The leg of lamb I bought and cooked two ways was inedible. Tough and tasted and smelled like mutton. We hate throwing food out but this qualified as trash

    1. Sorry you were disappointed. My mileage differs. I’ve had these cuts four times and all were quite tasty. The price is right and hasn’t gone up. Recommend trying again. I stuffed one with feta and spinach and a lot of oregano and cooked it slow after a quick 400º roast. My diners raved.

  3. FYI. There is nothing listed on the boneless leg of lamb package regarding the netting around the meat.

  4. Let this amazing juicy cut marinated in red wine for a few hours. Then grilled it. A little crunchy in the outside, and juice well cooked on the inside. Incredible taste. A new favorite.

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