Trader Joe’s Meatballs, Italian Style

These Trader Joe’s meatballs are a solid choice for an easy meal from the freezer on a random weeknight. You can also put these in a crockpot and add some sauce if you’re having a party. They taste pretty good, are a tad greasy, but absorb sauces and dips really well. You can either microwave them or put them in the oven. Since they are already cooked you really can heat them up any way you want, even searing in a pan if you’re ambitious. I like either putting these in a crockpot with come bbq sauce or just microwaving them and eating them with my hands when they are still super hot! But I’m always on the lookout for really good dipping sauces, sweet or savory, to pair with these. Don’t forget to get toothpicks to stick in them so you can feel like you are having a fancy appetizer if you serve these to guests!………….

  • 240 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Flame broiled and fully cooked

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Meatballs

Trader Joe’s meatballs won’t blow you away with their taste but they are a solid and easy option for a quick and filling meal. There is definitely a bit of a grilled taste to them which is a nice unique difference from most meatballs. Are there any recipes that people add these little balls of flavor to? I know TJs also has turkey meatballs and meatless meatballs, so there are a lot of different ways you can go here. I’d love to know if anyone has a really good Trader Joe’s sauce they usually use with these. I have had the sweet chili sauce on the side a few times with these meatballs and that complemented the greasy meat flavor really well……

Price: $3.99

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