Trader Joe’s Fish Sticks, Lightly Breaded

These Trader Joe’s fish sticks are a delicious easy meal or snack. They crisp up nicely if you just flip them once in the oven, or you can fry them in a pan for a really golden outside. It seems like it’s kind of hard to mess up fish dipped in breading, but I used to have Gorton’s brand as a kid, and these are way better (and healthier). They definitely have a fairly strong fish taste which I love, so as good as the breading is, don’t think it will drown out the taste of the Alaskan pollock fish that’s inside. TJ’s did a nice job of not putting too much breading on these so they still can get a crunch on the outside but without feeling like they skimped at all on the batter. Now to figure out what to dip these fried swimming sticks in………….

  • 220 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Made with Alaskan pollock

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Lightly Breaded Fish Sticks from Trader Joe’s

I guess the go to dipping sauce for these would be tartar sauce or cocktail sauce, but I usually associate that more with fried shrimp. As long as you make these fish sticks properly crispy on both sides, it really doesn’t matter what you are putting them in since they will be delicious. Does anyone have a specific sauce or condiment they buy at Trader Joe’s or another grocery that they usually eat these with? Fried seafood needs either the perfect cream based or tomatoey sweet sauce in my mind. Sometimes I just don’t have any sauce around that works and I end up eating them with nothing, so help me out! The best sauce for these Trader Joe’s fish sticks is…?…..

Price: $5.99

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