Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette Dressing

This Trader Joe’s spicy peanut vinaigrette salad dressing is an amazing tasting sweet and spicy concoction that is perfect for Asian dishes. This is really good on salads of course, like a Trader Joe’s cruciferous crunch with grilled chicken recipe, but also can be used as a dipping sauce or marinade. I know some people even use this in crock pot recipes since the spicy and sweet vinaigrette is really good at breaking down proteins and infusing a ton of competing flavors to meat or chicken. This is somewhat similar to a classic Thai peanut dressing or chicken satay dipping sauce that you find at a lot of American Thai restaurants………….

  • 80 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • 9 grams of sugar per serving
  • With strong flavors of jalapeno and cilantro

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Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette at Trader Joe’s

This Trader Joe’s spicy peanut vinaigrette is a cult favorite at Trader Joe’s and seems like it’s one of the longest tenured Trader Joe’s salad dressings. I feel like I’ve been using this for years now, and thankfully it really hasn’t changed much. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use this spicy vinaigrette? Because it tastes so delicious I sometimes don’t get that creative with using it, but I’d love to know if anyone has a go to vegetable they dip in it or a dish they use it to cook with. I’m always on the lookout for really good salad dressings and marinades, so if you have a few go tos at TJs other than this spicy peanut dressing, let me know! Grill up some chicken skewers some night in the summer and dip them in this dressing and you won’t be disappointed. Here are a few other options if you can’t make it to TJs in person…..

San-J Thai Peanut Mildly Spicy Marninade & Dipping Gluten Free, 10 oz (Pack of 2)

Kewpie Japanese Dressing Roasted Sesame 8 Oz. Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing, Creamy (Pack of 3)

Price: $2.99

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29 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette Dressing

    1. Huge disappointment! You have to read the labels very carefully. This is made with soy sauce which is a wheat product and not gluten-free! I would not have suspected.

  1. Bring it back! Most popular dressing and my favorite! Tried the others when they told me you discontinued this product. Don’t like them. I want my spicy peanut dressing back! I’m very 😢.

    1. I feel the exact same qay!! It’s been months and I still can’t find a dressing I like!! My salad are just not the same without the Trader Joe’s spicy peanut vinaigrette dressing!!! I Pray with all my heart they will bring it back!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

    2. Please bring back the Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette. It was the best salad dressing in the store. Nothing compares. At a minimum, share the recipe. I don’t really want to make it myself unless that’s the only answer. I like the convenience of buying it ready to go.

  2. So disappointed that Spicy Peanut Dressing has been discontinued. It was our favorite for years! Please bring it back.

  3. I am very disappointed that this has been discontinued. I love this stuff. It was soooo delicious. Please share the receipe or bring it back.

  4. OMG..OMG..I can NOT believe it is discontinued. It could have cost 5.00 a bottle I still would buy it. I wish they would let the stores know this item will be discontinued. I did stock up and on my last bottle. I am calling corporate as to why it was discontinued.Was it sales cost, quality control, out of business what???I do see some folks trying to find the ingredients to make it but none the less it will not be the same 🙁

  5. So disappointed about my favorite dressing being discontinued I drive 80 miles. One way to get it and to find out you discontinued it. Shame on you

    Please bring back!!!
    I drive 1/2 hr to purchase only to find out it has been discontinued. There is no other like it. I purchase 6 bottles at a time to stock up on because of the distance I’m willing to drive to have it in hand. Please bring back!!!
    Thank you

    1. Count me as one of those families who are looking for the Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette sauce! My young one was crying the other day because none of the TJ’s carry it in Bay Area due to it being discontinued. My wife tried to make something similar but kids don’t like it 🙁
      TJ really need to bring this sauce/dressing back!!

  7. I also miss the Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette!!! I haven’t been enjoying my salads anywhere near as much. Please bring it back. If not, at least give us a reason and a recipe.

  8. When a vendor stops selling a very popular product, a product such as this that’s very much in demand, shoppers tend not to patronize that vendor as much as they did before. That would be this shopper. Is that okay with you? If it is, apparently you have very deep pockets and don’t care. Duly noted!

  9. Drove out to TJ’s yesterday just for this dressing and to pick up fixings for salads for lunch for the week. I was disappointed it wasn’t in stock and picked up the Toasted Sesame dressing in hopes of discovering a new fav. I don’t care for it. I was hoping the peanut dressing was just out of stock but discovered today that you have discontinued it completely. TJ’s is a neat little grocery store, but with the peanut dressing discontinued, there is no longer a reason for me to shop there. Hopefully, I can find a recipe somewhere.

  10. My husband and I drove 20 miles ro get moe spicy peanut dressing. I can’t believe it’s been discontinued. Whatever for??!!!

  11. Bring the Spicy Peanutbutter vinaigrette dressing back please. Was the only reason I went shopping there, and ended up always with my cart full of other things. I haven’t gone back since you discontinue it.

  12. I’m in total agreement with the rest of the group. Bring back the spicy peanut dressing! I drive 20+ minutes to the nearest TJ’s. I only shop here is for this dressing (and then buy other items of course) however, now I feel no need to ship here at all. Total disappointment

  13. Bring it back!! I’ve struggled to find a replacement since I learned of its demise. There are MANY people who feel the same. Does it have something to do with the “cultural appropriation” attacks against TJ’s I read about online? Please bring it back!

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