Trader Joe’s Kale Chips, Gluten Free

These Trader Joe’s kale chips are slightly salty and a tad crunchy with a taste of kale, tahini and nuts. They are a pretty good healthy snack that doesn’t have much sugar in them and are nice way to mix up your routine. These of course aren’t as good as if you make some roasted kale chips in the oven tossed in olive oil. They don’t have the same crunch or oil flavor as homemade kale chips, but they do still pack a lot of nutrients like calcium and iron. These have also been sold in a nacho kale chip flavor, which I actually like even better than these plain ones! There is only 2 ounces of kale chips in each package, but at under $4 for a pretty good amount of kale, these aren’t a bad deal at all………….

  • 300 calories per package
  • Net Weight: 2 oz
  • Ingredients are kale, cashews, tahini (ground sesame seeds), carrot powder, onion powder, cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, mustard powder, sea salt, and garlic powder

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Seasoned Kale Chips at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s seasoned kale chips have been around a good while, mostly due to the fact that TJs is usually ahead of the curve on health and vegetable trends. It wasn’t that long ago that it was hard to find kale chips in any grocery other than Trader Joe’s, at least for a reasonable price that wasn’t a boutique natural grocer. What is everyone’s favorite kale related food or snack at Trader Joe’s? There’s the kale gnocchi, the green juice with kale, and so many other options. If anyone has a really good homemade kale chips recipe that they make, I’d love to hear! You may as well keep a bag of these in the pantry for when you want something to snack on that’s gluten free and healthy……

Price: $3.99

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