Trader Joe’s Green Juice, Organic with Kale

This Trader Joe’s Green Juice is shelf stable and full of vegetables like spinach, kale and celery. It has a slightly ginger apple taste to it with a faint taste of celery and kale. It’s not the best tasting green juice in the world, but it is a way to get a ton of different nutrients and vitamins in a non refrigerated bottle for under $4. There has been so many different green juices at TJs over the years it can be hard to keep track of. There’s the refrigerated green cold pressed juices, the very green smoothie and a few other ways to drink your organic green vegetables. This one doesn’t taste as fresh as the ones that are sold cold, but it’s still a decent option with no added sugar………….

  • 90 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 33.8 oz
  • Ingredients are organic kale juice, organic spinach juice, organic green apple juice, water, organic cucumber juice, organic celery juice, organic lemon juice, organic ginger powder
  • 86% juice and made in Turkey

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Organic Green Juice at Trader Joe’s

The official name for this organic green juice is Trader Joe’s To the Power of Seven Green Organic Juice Beverage. That’s a definite mouthful, as most of the puns that turn into product names at Trader Joe’s are! What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use this shelf stable green juice? If anyone loves the other cold pressed green juices a lot more than this, I’d love to know what your go to refrigerated green juice is. I feel like this one may be better for adding to smoothies or mixing with things since it’s a bigger bottle and isn’t meant to be consumed all in one sitting…..

Price: $3.99

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