Trader Joe’s Kombucha, Multi Green

This organic and raw multi green Trader Joe’s kombucha has a fresh and slightly sweet tasting fizz to it. It’s made with kombucha cultures, black and green tea, kiwi juice, algae, spirulina and chlorella. GT’s is one of the original makers of mass marketed kombcuha, and TJs has carried this brand in stores for many years. Each flavor has a slightly different ingredient makeup, but I like the taste of this multi green and the original flavor the best. Trader Joes has several different brands of kombucha these days, but at a price of under $3, the GT’s kombucha is a definite value. The only place I’ve seen this consistently cheaper is at Aldi on occasion. ………….

  • 60 calories per bottle
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Gluten free, vegan and organic

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Kombucha at Trader Joe’s

Kombucha is said to help gut health with it’s unique mix of probiotics and nutrients. I have never consumed kombucha regularly, but always enjoy the taste and unique tang from the kombucha. Lately, you can now find Trader Joe’s Hard Kombucha for sale, mostly made by other brands like Bon & Viv. I really like the uniqueness of the alcohol taste in hard kombucha. And TJs generally carries ones that are not loaded with added sugar like many of the bigger hard kombucha brands. Let me know your favorite flavor of TJ’s kombucha and if there are any tricks or tips to getting the most nutrients or health out of these delicious bottles.

I know GT’s a number of years ago was involved in a lawsuit alleging that they weren’t disclosing the added sugars in their kombucha. But that has since been settled and these now properly list all sugars and other ingredients. And in case anyone is curious, there is negligible alcohol in these regular kombucha drinks….

Price: $2.99

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