Trader Joe’s Chimichurri Rice

This Trader Joe’s chimichurri rice, Peruvian style with vegetables, is a tasty and unique heat and eat rice creation. It has onions and shallots, creme fraiche and chunks of tomatoes. The base of basmati rice blends nicely with all the ingredients. Chimichurri is a popular South American blend. I’ve eaten steak with chimichurri sauce many times at Argentinian restaurants, but never mixed in with rice. This works really well, and is super simple to make. Because there is no meat or seafood in this, I like to add shrimp or chicken to mix it up a bit…….…….

  • Peruvian style with vegetables
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • 130 calories per serving

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Chimichurri Rice at Trader Joe’s

Tjs has a bunch of really good frozen rice creations like Japanese Stir Fried Rice, which is one of my favorites of all time. This chimichurri rice is not quite as good as that, but this is satisfying and definitely fills you up. Whether you like to add different proteins to it or eat it as is, what are your favorite recipes with this? I know making your own chimichurri sauce can be really healthy and flavorful too. Has anyone done a semi homemade creation with the Trader Joe’s chimichurri rice and a homemade sauce or marinated chicken?!

This rice reminds me a bit of paella when you crisp up the rice and other contents of the package, but this has a more unique flavor. I’d love to hear everyone’s go to entree they generally pair this with. The great thing about rice is it absorbs flavors perfectly, and anything that is sweet or savory seeps into the rice for a perfect combo. I rank this close behind the Japanese and the regular Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice……

Price: $2.99

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