Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil, Blend

This Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil is a good value at under $4 and is a scent free and soothing body oil and moisturizer. Vitamin E can be super expensive at a lot of specialty cosmetic and beauty stores, so this 4 ounce bottle is a nice alternative at Trader Joe’s. The first ingredient is soybean oil and not Vitamin E oil, but this has a soothing texture to it that is perfect for irritated or dry skin. I know a lot of people also use this to help heal scars and other skin blemishes. As usual with Trader Joe’s health and beauty oils and supplements, this is a good value and comes in a small enough amount that it’s not a huge commitment if you end up not liking how it works…….…….

  • Ingredients are soybean oil, Vitamin E (DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate) and Coconut oil
  • Net Weight: 4 oz
  • Good for use as a moisturizer or body oil

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Vitamin E Oil at Trader Joe’s

It’s become hard to keep track of all the different vitamins, oils and moisturizers at Trader Joe’s, but generally they have a great selection of trendy and popular beauty and cosmetic products for a really good price. What is everyone’s favorite use for this TJs Vitamin E oil? I haven’t used this much so I’m curious to know if people ever cut it with other liquids or how much they use each time they need some. I love the Trader Joe’s almond oil for the shower since it smells absolutely amazing, but I’m not sure if it has the same healing and moisturizing properties of this Vitamin E oil!. Check out these items if you can’t make it out to TJs….

Trader Joe’s Vitamin Oil E, 4 Ounce

Vitamin E Oil by Nature’s Bounty, Supports Immune Health & Antioxidant Health, 30,000IU Vitamin E, Topical or Oral oil, 2.5 Oz

Price: $3.99

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