Trader Joe’s Mini Tacos, Beef or Chicken

These Trader Joe’s mini tacos come in beef or chicken variety, and are a pretty good little snack that you can microwave or make in the oven. They have a nice little kick to them and are perfect for adding sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce or anything else that the tacos can soak up the flavor of. If you are looking for super authentic and fresh tacos, well don’t look in the frozen section of a grocery store. But kids will love these since they are cute little legitimate mini tacos, and they get the job done as a filling snack that take sauces and seasonings really well. I like the mini chicken tacos a tad more than the beef, but both are pretty good, especially for kids!………….

  • 190 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 17.5 oz
  • Comes in Trader Joe’s mini chicken tacos or beef tacos
  • Good easy frozen snack for kids

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Mini Tacos at Trader Joe’s

The Trader Joe’s frozen snacks and meal options are seemingly endless. You can pretty much get any type of food depending on how hungry you are and how healthy you want to eat. I like these mini chicken tacos as a quick snack, and kids definitely love these since they don’t have to finish an entire full size taco. What is everyone’s favorite mini taco, the chicken or the beef? I’m always on the lookout for really good tasting frozen snacks at TJs, so if anyone has a go to meal or snack, let me know! Whenever I make these Trader Joe’s tacos I always end up taking out like 4 or 5 different condiments and sauces from my refrigerator and then dipping these mini tacos…..

Price: $4.29

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6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Mini Tacos, Beef or Chicken

    1. I was told the company that made them went out of business and they were getting a new company to make them. They are out and cost $5.99 but to me are not worth it. Don’t taste the same.

      1. Yes I just bought beef mini tacos and they were terrible. Shrink wrapped and all stuck together in a big lump. Never buying again.

  1. GOOD GRIEF! The new TJs mini tacos are a horror. alas I bought two cartons and am sure they are not returnable. Absolutely the worst thing I ever ate. DO NOT BUY or you will be very sorry.

  2. I just bought two boxes of the chicken ones. They are horrible; stuck in a ball. I pried off a chunk and defrosted them. Cooked them and they are not good. You would think someone at TJs would have tested them out before selling. Very disappointed!

  3. Currently wasted and I have to say the new TJ mini tacos aren’t even good drunk! The shells are weirdly soft and soggy and there’s barely any filling in them. Somehow these are both soggy and dry?? Save your money on these and get the mozaralla sticks instead.

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