Trader Joe’s Bon Bons, Ice Cream Dessert

These Trader Joe’s bon bons are small, sweet and have only 60 calories per treat. They aren’t the best dessert I’ve ever had, but they have a good chocolatey vanilla flavor to them and are easy to snack on from the freezer. But if I was going to have one ice cream novelty dessert at Trader Joe’s, I’d definitely go with the sublime ice cream sandwiches over these bon bons. The nice thing about these are they are so small that you can have one and only be having a 60 calorie treat! If you are expecting a really strong vanilla taste with a crunch of chips like the sublime ice cream sandwiches, these are definitely not that. But they are still vanilla and chocolate bons bons, so you may as well keep a box in your freezer………….

  • 12 bon bons per container
  • Net Weight: 7.6 oz
  • 60 calories per bon bon
  • Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie crust

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Trader Joe’s Bon Bons with Vanilla Ice Cream

There are so many delicious Trader Joe’s ice cream desserts that it takes a lot to be one of the best options. I wouldn’t put these in my top ten, but they get the job done if you have a sweet tooth and are a chocolate fan. I kind of like more ice cream and vanilla flavor in my desserts, so these aren’t totally up my alley. What is everyone’s favorite Trader Joe’s dessert or ice cream in the frozen section? If anyone absolutely loves these, I’m curious to know your top 2 or three TJs desserts. And if you can’t make it to TJs, check out these items….

Eiffel Bon Bons 1.25oz 9 Bag Variety Pack – Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, & Apple

Reese’s PB Hearts & Miniatures Assortment 25 oz.

Price: $3.99

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