Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Tortillas, with Quinoa Flour

These Trader Joe’s gluten free tortillas made with quinoa flour taste excellent, are a tad harder than normal tortillas and hold up well in enchiladas, burritos and other dishes. You can tell they aren’t made with regular flour but quinoa flour instead since the texture makes it a tad harder to roll them up, and they are slightly more chewy. If you’ve had Maria and Ricardos’s keto gluten free tortillas, I would say these are just as good, a better value priced at $3.49, and have super healthy ingredients. If you haven’t tried these yet, go pick them up in the bakery section of Trader Joe’s…….…….

  • 120 calories per gluten free tortilla
  • Net Weight: 8.9 oz
  • 6 gf tortillas per package
  • Ingredients are tapioca starch, water, quinoa flour, modified tapioca starch, potato starch, avocado oil. Contains 2% or less of enzymes, guar fiber, cornstarch, monocalcium phospahte, distilled vinegar, cellulose gum, sunflower lecitin, salt, palm oil, oat fiber, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, organic rice flour, sodium acid pyrophosphate and xanthan gum

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Gluten Free Tortillas with Quinoa Flour at Trader Joe’s

There are so many Trader Joe’s gluten free options now, with seemingly more being added every month. These Trader Joe’s gf tortillas with quinoa flour are one of the newer products, and TJs has done a good job of making them taste natural and behave mostly like a regular tortilla. How does everyone like these tortillas? How would people compare these to other national brand gluten free tortillas in terms of taste and texture?! And if you can’t make it to TJs, give these items a try…..

Mission Gluten Free Soft Taco Tortillas 10.5 Oz. / 6ct (Pack of 6)

Maria & Ricardo’s KETO Tortillas | Almond ‘Everything Seasoning’ | Low Carb | Grain Free | Paleo | Non GMO | Vegan | GF| KETO Certified Tortilla Wraps. (4 Pack, 6 Tortillas per Pack)

Price: $3.49

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17 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Tortillas, with Quinoa Flour

  1. If you like water crackers then you would like these. I heard TJ’s discontinued their Brown Rice Tortillas which were a Gluten Free tortilla option I enjoyed for years. These Quinoa tortillas are a poor substitute. The ingredient list is lengthy compared the to their brown rice tortillas and includes palm oil and significantly more sodium. Thumbs down.

      1. I pretty much love these tortillas. Posted with just a little bit of ghee they warm up and are tremendous. I enjoy the much more than flour or corn tortillas now, as they provide a light pastry to most anything I wrap these around.

      2. I just recently found these tortilla and absolutely love them! I went to go buy more today and THEY DISCONTINUED THEM!!! 😫 heartbroken!

      3. I love these Quinoa Flour Tortillas. Best to heat on stove burner, just like you would for Mexican flour tortillas. Great breakfast burritos!

    1. These are my absolute favorite tortillas!! I can’t eat wheat tortillas and these have revolutionized my burrito game! The trick is to get them wet. I typically grab a wet paper towel or cloth and dampen one side of the tortilla. Then I fold it in a circle (with the wet side on the inside) and secure the wet cloth around it. Then it goes in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. When it comes out it is super moist and has an AMAZING stretchiness to the consistancy that is hard to find with most gluten free products. Please keep this great product around Trader Joe’s!!

      1. Thanks for the advice on warming these up. I tried them and didn’t like them because they were very tough. I had warmed them a bit in the microwave but didn’t use any moisture. I’m going to try them again.

      2. Thanks so much for the tip about using a wet paper towel! It works like a charm and is a game-changer for me since I’m allergic to wheat and corn. They worked great for making enchiladas because the sauce keeps them moistened, and I just cut them in half for a more “enchi” sized portion.

    2. Hello there I figured out the best way to cook these tortillas.Warm them up on a hot skillet lightly spread butter or ghee butter until they become as soft as you want them to be.I usually add cheese and make a quesadilla, there so delicious.Give it a try! 😋

  2. I was so upset when I found out today that TJ’s discontinued the quinoa gluten free tortillas, I literally started crying in the store. These tortillas are/were the only tortillas I have found that I liked…not sure what to do except to beg them to bring them back.

  3. I love quinoa tortillas – my go to sandwich cover for everything from grilled chicken to p&j! Lifesaver for me! Please continue their availability!! Yum! Yes, i warm them in a pan, and if the pan is preheated before placing the tortilla, the are less chewy, but i love the chewy texture with p&j!

  4. I also am so disappointed that these were discontinued. Is there anyway to find out the maker of the product? A lot of TJ goods are made by a manufacturer who puts the TJ label on them. To the manufacturer: if you are still making them or you can still make them—PLEASE make them under your own label. Help us ID you if you do. JUST loved these with the organic pepper jack cheese, I cut strips of cheese and microwaved 30 seconds and they were THE best. I just tried the new almond itsy bitsy tortillas. They’re ok. Do you need to fry those. They seem uncooked. I tried them with the organic pepper jack–don’t think I’d buy them again.

  5. I found them incredibly tough and won’t buy them again. They have a good flavor but I didn’t like the hard texture.

  6. Yuck. But I will try again using the info above.
    It would be HELPFUL if the package had serving ideas
    that would ameliorate the toughness.

    1. I find these completely unpalatable. I will try them again with some moisture but I don’t like the flavor of them either. I will give them one more shot before returning them. They must’ve re-continued them because it’s June 2023 and I’m still buying them.

      1. Couldn’t agree more! I just tried one for the first time and the texture was like the little cardboard packaging McDonald’s french fries come in. I’m guessing the french fry box would taste better too.

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