Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwich

This Trader Joe’s sublime ice cream sandwich is among the best desserts at TJs. They are just small enough to make you feel like you aren’t over indulging, while still maintaining a perfect amount of chocolate chips to ice cream ratio. The cookie is a great combo of firm and chewy, the chocolate chips are small and delicious, and the ice cream is perfect. When TJs dubs these sublime ice cream sandwiches, they aren’t lying. They have a lot of real ingredients like butter and eggs, but also have the ever present ‘natural flavor’ in the ice cream. These come in a box of four, and if you can eat just one at a time, then you are a better person than me. If you like Chipwiches, you will love these!………….

  • 370 calories per ice cream sandwich
  • Net Weight: 20 oz
  • Ingredients include brown sugar, butter and eggs

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Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

The dessert section at TJs has so many good options that sometimes I just stand there and am frozen with indecision. But I would say in my top 5 all time desserts is this Trader Joe’s ice cream sandwich and the mini cheesecake cones. I kinda wish these ice cream treats came in a pack of two instead of four so when I eat the entire box I don’t feel as bad. As a kid I could take down four Chipwiches easily, and these are no different. The one minor complaint I have is that the mini chocolate chips that these are rolled in always stick in my teeth perfectly when I’m chewing them. Oh well! Let me know your favorite frozen dessert creation from Trader Joe’s, especially with all of the fun holiday themed cakes and novelties coming out…..

Price: $4.49

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