Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream

It’s a tough job, but someone has to review Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream. This is super creamy and delicious ice cream. There are flecks and ribbons of actual cookie butter mixed in with the classic cookie butter gingery sweet flavor of the ice cream. If you’re reading this you probably have eaten lots of jars of Trader Joe’s cookie butter with a spoon. TJ’s knows people are clamoring for more cookie butter recipes and products, so this seems to be just the beginning of their trying to use it in lots of new foods. I’d imagine eventually we’ll see cookie butter butter (spread it on your bagel, but it melts too!) or cookie butter quinoa (you eat healthy, but need your shot of speculoos). Anyways, this tastes really good. Go buy it if you haven’t tried it………….

  • Ribbons of speculoos cookie butter throughout
  • Net Weight: 1 quart
  • 310 calories per serving

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Cookie Butter Ice Cream at Trader Joe’s

OK, so the first thing I did, after eating a few spoonfuls of this, was to try and mix in some Trader Joe’s cookie butter into my ice cream. I basically ended up with a semi hardened glob of cookie butter with ice cream around it. It tastes great, but the cold of the ice cream basically just makes the jarred cookie butter become a tad stiffer. Still kind of amazing though in a ‘I’ve reached a new low point’ type of way. While this is super delicious and you’ll love it if you love regular cookie butter, keep in mind it’s not super premium ice cream, so it wont have the same rich density as TJ’s Vanilla Ice Cream or Coffee Bean Blast Ice cream. Both of those flavors are made with a higher butterfat content to classify them as super premium…..

Price: $4.49

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