Trader Joe’s Cupcakes, Chocolate Gluten Free

These Trader Joe’s chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting are gluten free and come in a pack of four, all for a price of under $4. These have a really nice rich sweet taste to them, especially the thick and sugary buttercream frosting. The cake part of the Trader Joe’s cupcake is a tad chewier than a normal cupcake that isn’t gluten free. If you are looking for a sweet treat and you eat gluten free, I think these cupcakes for about $1 each are a good buy. I admittedly have not tried a ton of gluten free baked products, but these don’t taste wildly different than the standard Trader Joe’s cupcakes with buttercream frosting. All of the TJs baked goods I’ve had that include buttercream frosting are fantastic, especially the different sheet cakes they now have with chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting!…..…….

  • 360 calories per cupcake
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Gluten free cupcakes that actually taste good

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Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Cupcakes

The bakery section at TJs can often be hit or miss. But the few gluten free products I’ve tried like the Trader Joe’s gluten free bread, and now the cupcakes, have both been solid. I know that the texture can often be a deal breaker for people when trying gluten free baked goods, but I think TJs has put in enough super rich and real ingredients to make up for the fact that they are gluten free. What is everyone’s favorite gluten free product at Trader Joe’s? Is there a go to baked good or frozen dessert that is gluten free people love? I’m pretty clueless in terms of gluten free products in general, but I do know these TJs cupcakes are delicious, gluten free or not!…..

Price: $3.99

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8 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Cupcakes, Chocolate Gluten Free

  1. These cupcakes were delicious especially with the pink frosting and can’t find them anywhere. I’m completely gluten free and do not have many options when it comes to pastry. For example I haven’t had a cookie work buying twice in 4 years but these cupcakes were the one thing I could depend on and I would buy them faithfully just to have something to add to a limited healthy diet and now they are impossible to find.

    1. I have been looking for theses cupcakes as well. They are my favorite gluten free treat. They are delicious and not too pricey. Hoping they will be back.

  2. Me, too. I just found out that at least my Trader Joe’s isn’t selling these any more. I also have Celiac Disease and these were the best gluten-free cupcakes I’ve had since my diagnosis (about 6 years ago). Can’t believe it seems like they discontinued them. Even people who can eat gluten thought these were great. The mini gluten-free cupcakes aren’t nearly as good in my opinion.

  3. I really liked these cupcakes they were so good they did not taste like a delicious cupcake even if you were not GF. I hope they return as delicious GF desserts are hard to find.

    1. Sadly they did discontinue them. I’m not gluten free but I LOVED these, i used to drive an hour just to buy these. I could eat several in the car before I even got home! I bought every box they had once a month. I wrote them 2 letters asking to bring them back. Y’all should write to their corp office asking to bring them back!

  4. I asked about the cupcakes and they told me they were not a big seller. They could have been but they were always sold out because they were delicious! I think I will take Cindy up on her suggestion and write to corporate also.

  5. Please bring back! If not, would you share who makes them so we can find that supplier? We used to purchase a case of the 4 packs to have on hand (even frozen, they were delish) to serve to guests, family and took to parties. Thee minis are so-so, won’t bother to buy. Pleeeeze give us this GF treat, we don’t have other delectable options.

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