Best Trader Joe’s Snacks, From Sweet to Salty

One question I get asked a lot is what are the best Trader Joe’s snacks? It can be hard to find the best things at Trader Joe’s to fill your sweet tooth or savory and salty cravings since TJs has so many good snack items. And because they tend to rotate a lot of items seasonally and then the occasional snack that just disappears, it’s on of my favorite aisle to just stroll down and see what looks good. Of course that can lead to a lot pricier trip to TJs than I was originally planning on! And maybe a few more unhealthy items too. But usually it’s well worth it…..…….

  • Trader Joe’s snacks range from super sweet to salty and crunchy
  • Whether it’s seasonal fall pumpkin snacks or winter gingerbread snacks, its hard to go wrong
  • The old Trader Joe’s snack standbys like cookie butter, tortilla chips and chocolate covered almonds are all great options

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Best Items at Trader Joe’s: Finding the Best Things to Snack on!

The best Trader Joe’s snacks can vary at any given moment because of how much the chips, sweets and other items change. But there are so many good standby TJs snack items, that it’s almost impossible to go wrong. From Trader Joe’s takis, to Trader Joe’s plantain chips, to Trader Joe’s ghost pepper chips, you can have enough sweet, salty and savory items to fill lots of party tables or picnics for fall, spring, winter and summer!….

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