Trader Joe’s Tortilla Chips, Restaurant Style

These Trader Joe’s tortilla chips are crunchy, salty and have a slight lime taste which make them perfect with guacamole or other chunky dips. Of course they aren’t as good as legitimately hot and fresh tortilla chips from your local Mexican restaurant, but they are priced right at under $2. There are so many different different types of chips at Trader Joe’s that it can be hard to decide which one to choose in the massive snacks aisle. These are among my favorites for a standard go to chip since they don’t have a strong flavor other than corn and salt, perfect for strong tasting dips. The Trader Joe’s spinach dip with sour cream goes really well with these and so does the frozen spinach and artichoke dip when you get it bubbly hot!………….

  • 150 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 9 oz
  • Good tasting sturdy chips, perfect for guacamole

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Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla Chips at Trader Joe’s

What are everyone’s favorite chips at Trader Joe’s? Lately I’ve been going with the sweet potato chips in all their different forms, and the plantain crisps are among my favorite items in all of TJs. But these are just as good as the national brands tortilla chips and have a lot healthier ingredients. If anyone has a perfect combo of Trader Joe’s dip and chips, any variety, I’d love to know! Either way, make some homemade guacamole, mix yourself a margarita and snack on a bunch of these tortilla chips. Or you could be lazy and buy the Trader Joe’s guacamole that is perfectly good too. Just make sure to put these in a far away part of the pantry so you aren’t actually tempted to take these down all at once!……

Price: $1.99

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