Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Chips

Ghost peppers are crazy hot. But these chips somehow combine a bunch of different spices to make the heat not linger too long. I ate a bunch of them in a row and I definitely was feeling the heat all over my mouth and tongue. But when I just ate one or two at a time, these have a really good flavor to them that you can actually enjoy, despite the ever present background heat of the ghost pepper. Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Chips list one of the ingredients as “Ghost Pepper Seasoning” which includes cumin, two types of chili peppers, and jalapeno peppers. So these really taste like exotic chips that pack a spicy punch…….…….

  • Spicy but nuanced flavor
  • Net Weight: 7 oz
  • Contains 3 types of peppers and cumin

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Ghost Pepper Chips at Trader Joe’s

So I love these chips but you really have to feel like eating them. I wouldn’t make a ham and cheese sandwich everyday and always eat these as my side chips. I would save these for when you are looking for something different or to mix it up a bit. What is everyone’s favorite sandwich or meal to eat these spicy little bombs with?! I tried once to crunch the chips up and put them inside of my otherwise bland turkey sandwich. Really could only taste the chips and nothing else. Not a bad thing but these definitely dominate any meal you involve them in. I wonder what would happen if I put Trader Joe’s elote seasoning on these? Hmmm. What about chili lime seasoning? Seriously, one of those could be an amazing combo. I’m going to experiment with a good combo and report back! Wish me luck (or tell me your best combo)! Check out these options if you can’t make it to TJs….

Paqui Spicy Hot Tortilla Chips, Gluten Free Snacks, Non-GMO, Haunted Ghost Pepper, 2oz Individual Snack Sized Bags (Pack of 6)

Paqui Spicy Hot Tortilla Chips Variety Pack, Haunted Ghost Pepper, Fiery Chile Limon, Zesty Salsa Verde, Gluten Free Snacks, 2oz Individual Snack Sized Bags (12 Count Box)

Price: $2.29

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Chips

  1. These trader joe’s ghost pepper chips are the best! My mouth is on fire by the end of the bag. It reminds me of the flaming hot cheetos…..the more you eat, the spicier it gets!

  2. Ghost pepper my butt. The name is miss leading. I expected a relatively high sckovel level at least that of a habanero pepper. Instead, the heat level was that of black pepper. The heat level was so mild a 2yr old could handle it. Extremely disappointed with this product. I will not buy this product again nor will I be recommending it either.

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