Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds

These Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds are a great semi-healthy snack with just the right amount of crunch and sweetness. These are among my favorite almond treats at TJs, but they now are competing with the Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Dark chocolate almonds! Both varieties are great, but these classic ones are really easy to eat a whole handful without even blinking. Sometimes I’ll stroll up to the pantry with every intention of just having a few. Then I get the dark chocolate and the almond flavor and end up dusting at least 10. But because they have dark chocolate on them, they must be totally healthy. Or something. It’s hard to go wrong with this combo of almonds and dark chocolate. Just have a few extras on hand in the pantry………….

  • 150 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • California almonds drenched in dark chocolate

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Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Where do these little treats rank for everyone in terms of Trader Joe’s snacks and sweets? If I feel like having a bit of sweetness but not going overboard on sugar, these are usually what I reach for. But all things being equal, I’d probably first have the sea salt caramels or a spoonful of Trader Joe’s cookie butter. I kind of put these dark chocolate almonds in their own category of semi-healthy part snack, part treat. Let me know if there is any really delicious food or drink that goes really well with these. I think I once dropped a few in my coffee and it just stripped the chocolate off the almond, leaving my coffee with a pleasant dark chocolate taste and the crunchy almonds to eat at the end of my cup of coffee! Check out these options if you can’t make it to TJs …..

Trader Joe’s Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds (Pack Of 2)

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds Crunchy California Almonds Drenched in Rich Dark Chocolate no gluten or sodium

Price: $5.99

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