Trader Joe’s Eggs, Cage Free

These Trader Joe’s eggs are organic, extra large and brown. They taste delicious of course and in my opinion they are best eaten fried in some butter. But they work well in baking and other recipes and are priced at a pretty good value compared to stores like Whole Foods and Costco. The price per egg always varies in each market it seems like, but only Aldi seems to be consistently cheaper for the rough equivalent of these organic cage free eggs. And Costco often charges a tad less for these but that of course has a membership cost to factor in. You can get cheaper ones at Trader Joe’s if you pick up the standard variety. Eggs are one of the staple products that often change in price at grocery stores so keep that in mind when price shopping ………….

  • A dozen cage free extra large brown eggs
  • 27.4 cents per egg
  • Organic

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Eggs at Trader Joe’s

The last time I checked the Trader Joe’s website, they said 60% of the eggs they sell are cage free. There is a multitude of eggs by the dozen at Trader Joes so it can be hard to decide which ones to pick. Do I need organic? What about cage free? Should they be brown or white? I’m never quite sure which is the proper purchase since they vary in price too. What does everyone look for on the labels when they buy Trader Joe’s eggs? Sometimes I just buy the cheapest eggs available, and sometimes when I feel like being fancy or super healthy, I’ll buy these organic eggs. I do know that TJs was among the first national grocers to offer so many varieties of cage free and organic eggs, which is pretty cool…..

Price: $3.29

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