Trader Joe’s Weekly Ad April, 2021 Fearless Flyer

The 2021 April edition of the Fearless Flyer is out! This is sort of a mini Fearless Flyer that also includes videos of some of the products on the Trader Joe’s site. TJs is calling it Nine Days of Sleeper Hits. A few of the items include Indian Style Flatbreads, Chocolate Whole Milk Fair Trade Cocoa, Buffalo Style Chicken Poppers, Five Seed Almond Bars, Avocado Oil Spray and Buffalo Ranch Chopped Salad. There is always new items coming in and out of Trader Joe’s, so keep in mind that no Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer has every single new item that has recently arrived. I think TJ’s wants to whet your appetite with the Fearless Flyer to come in and discover new and fun things inside the store!

Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer

Trader Joe’s May 2021 Flyer

  • Tons of delicious and fun products
  • Makes me super hungry just looking
  • Good way to plan your visit with precision!
  • This is the Trader Joe’s Weekly Ad April 2021 edition

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Trader Joe’s Fearless 2021 April Edition

I always go through the Trader Joe’s weekly ad and look at all these fun items and tell myself I’m only going to get a few treats. Maybe some ice cream. Maybe dark chocolate covered almonds. Maybe just one box of Joe Joe’s. Ok, a little bit of brie cheese. Hmm, I’ve always wanted to try those Trader Joe’s Sour Scandinavian Swimmers! Oh boy, I need to make a trip soon. And on and on. Keep in mind that usually each Trader Joe’s weekly ad is a mix of new products and some old standbys. And if you’ve never picked up the physical copy of the paper Trader Joe’s fearless flyer in store, it’s worth it just to see the cartoons in print. And all the fun illustrations that can be appreciated by parents and kids alike. Plus you can keep it around for wrapping paper for a Trader Joe’s fanatic! This Trader Joe’s weekly ad April 2021 edition also includes fun videos on the TJs website!…..

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Trader Joe’s May 2021 Fearless Flyer

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