Trader Joe’s Short Ribs, Fully Cooked

These fully cooked Trader Joe’s short ribs are made from beef, are easy to heat up in the oven, and have a fantastic taste and texture to them. They get super juicy when you cook them, and are a good value compared to other places that sell beef short ribs that are already cooked like this. I like these Trader Joes short ribs better than the fully cooked pulled pork and maybe even more than the fully cooked beef sirloin. If you are looking for a really easy but relatively healthy meat centric meal, you definitely should give these Trader Joe’s beef short ribs a shot. They are sold in the refrigerated section near other fully cooked and sealed meats………….

  • 190 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 16 oz (1 pound)
  • Fully cooked and sealed

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Trader Joe’s Beef Short Ribs

These TJs short ribs were a really nice surprise to me when I found them the other day. I hadn’t seen them before 2021 in this packaging, but I love the flavor of this version. What does everyone think of the taste of these ribs? If anyone has a go to recipe or way they like to heat these up and serve them, let us know! I’m not sure these need any bbq sauce or anything else to taste good, but if someone has a really good sauce they use with these, I’d love to hear. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Premium Sliced Beef Short Rib for Galbi

Bulgogi Sauce Kalbi Marinade Original Korean BBQ We Rub You 15 oz (Pack of 1)

Price: $10.99

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6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Short Ribs, Fully Cooked

  1. I was disappointed. My package came with 2 large chunks. I let them simmer on the stove for quite a while and 1 chunk started to shred beautifully.

    I left the other on for another 20 or so on a low temp hoping that any toughness would melt away. It didn’t.

    So while what I ate was yummy, it was not a good value if only half is good.

  2. I was told yesterday at a TJ’s near Chicago that they are discontinuing this item. Bummer because it is fantastic.

    To previous poster… you aren’t supposed to simmer these. They are supposed to only be placed in boiling water then removed from heat (and left to sit for 15 mins). I’ve never had a tough one yet when prepared this way.

    1. Alan, I agree with your post. I’ve had chance to travel the country and think these are as tasty and tender as any I’ve ever had. And at the price you can’t beat them. What a disappointment!!!!!

      I trying to figure out who supplied them. I would love to get more.

      1. I’m crushed that these are discontinued.
        I’ve made so many great meals with them! Tacos, stroganoff, stew, stir fry just to name a few.
        I can only hope that TJ will reconsider.

  3. Loved these short ribs ! Keep looking for them at our Local Trader Joes….but they are not there now. Quite disappointed, as they were tender and absolutely delicious !

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