Trader Joe’s Pulled Pork, Fully Cooked

This relatively new Trader Joe’s pulled pork comes fully cooked and sealed, and has a really nice texture and taste. It’s not completely overly sweet like past editions of TJs pulled pork have been, but has a good balance of sweetness and smokiness to it.The meat pulls apart in a really good way, and it’s super easy to reheat this pulled pork in a matter of minutes. It can be a tad fatty though so I wouldn’t expect anything that tastes or looks like something you grilled or smoked yourself! This version is made by Ruprecht brand and doesn’t carry the Trader Joe’s name anywhere on the packaging. It is usually located in the refrigerated meats section near items like fully cooked pork belly and other proteins………….

  • Slow cooked
  • Net Weight: 16 oz (1 pound)
  • In a sweet and smokey sauce

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Ruprecht Pulled Pork at Trader Joe’s

There are a few updated fully cooked meat items at Trader Joe’s recently, including this Trader Joe’s pulled pork that comes in a white and red package with 1 pound of meat inside. What does everyone think of the taste of this pulled pork compared to other fully cooked versions you’ve had? I’d love to know how people like to heat this up and if you have any go to semi homemade recipe you like to make this with. Put this heated up on a good Trader Joe’s brioche bun, and you have a really tasty and easy meal. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

McCormick Slow Cookers: BBQ Pulled Pork (Pack of 4) 1.6 oz Packets

Sweet Baby Rays Sauce Bbq PACK OF 3 18 OZS

Price: $5.99

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