Trader Joe’s Dog Food, Grain Free Chicken Recipe

This Trader Joe’s dog food is made from grain free chicken, comes in a 13 oz can, and is also available in beef flavor. This is a new product for 2021, although TJs has carried different forms of both canned and dry dog food for many years. These little cans are priced really fairly at $1.59 considering how much better the ingredients are than many other brands. The cans look a tad more fancy than what some of Trader Joe’s dog food has looked like over the years, and it seems like the ingredients reflect the change………….

  • Chicken is first ingredient
  • Net Weight: 13 oz
  • 410 kcal per can
  • Meets AAFCO dog food nutrient profile requirements

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Grain Free Chicken Dog Food at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s cat food and dog food have long been available in various flavors, and this new canned dog food is a simple, economical and healthy way to get your dog fed. What does everyone think of the dog food in terms of how your pooch liked it or not? I know its sometimes hard to tell since a lot of dogs will gobble up anything, but I’d love to hear some stories from pet owners who have bought this! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

CESAR SIMPLY CRAFTED Adult Soft Wet Dog Food Meal Topper, Chicken, (10) 1.3 oz. Tubs

Purina ONE Natural Gravy Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, SmartBlend True Instinct Tender Cuts – (12) 13 oz. Cans

Price: $1.59

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23 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Dog Food, Grain Free Chicken Recipe

  1. My 7 month old Cavapoo absolutely loves the beef recipe grain free canned food. She was turning down 2 types of premium dry kibble that we recently bought for her – wanting to give her the very best initially was a fail. I visited my local TJs with no intent on buying dog food but happened by this and decided to give it a try. Ingredients a +. Not smelly at all. Next we will try the chicken. I definitely recommend.

  2. My dog loves the chicken which is friendly to her 11 year-old digestive system. My only complaint is that the cans are impossible to clean. Any suggestions gratefully received!

    1. Get a silicone jar spatula to wipe it out.

      If you want to wash it, take the paper off and put it in the dishwasher.

  3. My 5 year old poodle mix absolutely loves the chicken recipe and I am so happy with this new product. Happy that it has very few ingredients which is better overall. Since my dog does well with grains I like to add a bit of his favorite kibble to it. Hopefully you will keep this product in, because it’s one of the best out there. My dog Picos agrees! Thank you Trader Joe’s 🙏

  4. I am so happy with this new dog food as well! My little 16-year-old terrier who has an easily upset digestive system and is picky, loves both the beef and chicken and seems to do very well on them.

    1. When Trader Joe’s old can dog food was discontinued somehow I knew the size of the can would shrink from 23 ounces to a smaller 13 ounce can for about the same cost might not sound too bad except my dogs grew up on traders can dog food back when it was 1.19 a can and when you have 4 dogs the extra cost adds up

  5. The feeding guidelines don’t make sense to me. 1 oz per 1 lb of body weight per day? That means my 75 lb dog requires 75 oz of food. That’s about 2800 calories a day, more than an adult man over twice his size would eat. It’s also almost 6 cans a day! My math must be wrong. Can anyone help me figure out the actual amount I should feed my dog?

  6. I have a question in regards to the new can dog food. There is some black color in both chicken and beef cans, is that part of the ingredients? I didn’t see it in the last recipe but when we got the new recipe its in there and was just wondering. My dog loves it but want to make sure that it is safe.

    1. We are also seeing black spots and chunks in the new Grain Free Chicken Canned Dog Food. Is this normal for the product? As note in another comment, I would just like to confirm this is to be expected for the product. My dog doesn’t care what it looks. 🙂

      1. It is. I actually ended up speaking to the company and had a representative get back to me and tell me that was the minerals that they add to it and they just weren’t mixed well. Wondering if that’s why it’s been unavailable lately, but I hope it’s back soon. My dogs love it!

    2. I came searching for the answer to this too. I thought it was mold so I scraped the dark spots off and into the trash. My picky 14 yr old cocker spaniel loved it though.

  7. I have an 18 year old small dog. sine i goy her she only ate mighty dog lamb and rice. since they discontinued it i tried several canned food. she only will eat trade joe’s chicken and beef wet food (started around 2 months ago) last week went to buy more but they did not have any and not sure when they will get more. What’s up?

  8. Hi – last time I bought your great dog food for my five year old dog (who absolutely loves it – and he is picky), I was told by the lady at the till that Traders Joe may discontinue these types of dog food. Is that right?

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