Trader Joe’s Dog Treats, Natural Flavors

These Trader Joe’s Dog Treats are made with quality ingredients and come in 4 flavors that my pooch generally seems to like. I can’t say for sure if these are better for big or small dogs, but they do get gobbled up quickly. The smell is like a dog treat not shockingly, although the peanut butter dog treat is kind of tempting for me. TJ’s has had a few different types of dog treats over the years, including their Naughty and Nice Treats that once made an appearance in the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer. Basically what I can say about these dog treats is that dogs seem to like them and they smell perfectly fine! Just don’t eat them, despite the delicious sounding flavors! Peanut butter treat though, hmmm…..…….

  • 80 kcal per treat
  • Net Weight: 24 oz
  • Comes in 4 flavors: Chicken, cheddar cheese , bacon/cheddar cheese and peanut butter

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Dog Treats at Trader Joe’s

The package says they are formulated for big or small dogs, and they come in 4 distinct colors so you can decide which ones your dog likes best. Although I’d be shocked if your pooch didn’t love them all equally since they are after all, treats! They come in yellow, orange, light brown and dark brown. They are color coded for the chicken, bacon cheddar, cheddar and peanut butter. If my dog could talk, I believe she would say, “I don’t care where you get my treats from, but Trader Joe’s Dog Treats work for me just fine. Just keep them coming!”. Take from that what you will. All I can say is I have looked at the ingredients of some national brand dog treats and they have way more odd and artificially flavored junk in them……

Price: $3.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Dog Treats, Natural Flavors

  1. My dog loves these treats and I’ve been giving them to him for years now. I just discovered that the packaging now only contains 20 oz instead of 24 oz and the price has gone up. Par for the inflation course I suppose.

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