Trader Joe’s Lasagna, Family Size

This Trader Joe’s lasagna is a solid entree option to have in the freezer. The sauce has a decent spice to it, the meat is tasty, and its fairly big at 32 oz for a price of under $6. With almost every frozen lasagna, it could use a tad more cheese. One thing as always with Trader Joe’s frozen entrees, this does not have a lot of the super unhealthy ingredients that most of the name brand lasagnas have. You always have to take that into account when comparing the tastes. Now I usually make some garlic bread with this lasagna and sop up the remaining sauce from the bottom of the container. You can make it in the microwave or the regular oven, but obviously it well taste better a tad bit charred up in the regular oven…………….

  • 1400 calories in entire lasagna
  • Net Weight: 32 oz
  • Meat lasagna made in Canada

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Lasagna at Trader Joe’s

This isn’t my absolute favorite frozen entree at Trader Joe’s since there are so many absolutely amazing ones, but this is a good standby to have on hand. As much as I get lazy and end up making frozen lasagna a lot, nothing is like a homemade lasagna. I’ve found that TJ’s has all the ingredients for a really delicious homemade Italian dinner. Does everyone have a go to lasagna recipe they make? Anything that requires baking and assembling I’m not great at, but would love to know what people put in their lasagna. I always have liked the standard Italian sausage meat lasagna with a good crisped up cheese bubbling over the sweet but not too sweet tomato sauce! And of course the garlic bread is an absolute must. Lots of butter and garlic and crunch……

Price: $5.99

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Lasagna, Family Size

  1. Good but dry, has too much cheese (choke level) and the chili/taco spice is off-putting to trad sensibilities.
    Otherwise first rate quality and huge portions; easy to prepare.

    1. I felt the opposite. The delicious cheese was a pleasant surprise considering the small smear the “best” of other frozen lasagna’s might have. I followed the cooking instructions carefully and was very happy with it along with some good warmed up bread and a Greek Salad from the Salad Dept. Just right for a meal for two big appetites and 3 – 4 medium servings. W salad and bread very filling and tasty rather than the old canned, bland sauce of the other leading name brand family sizes top products for frozen lasagna’s.

      1. I agree, we just returned from Italy, and was craving lasagna. On a recommendation, tried Trader Joes Family Style Lasagna, and thought it was comparable to what we experienced in Italy. A great find for us!

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