Trader Joe’s Dog Advent Calendar

The holiday Trader Joe’s Advent Calendars are back! It’s amazing how advent calendars in general have taken off recently. From beer and wine advent calendars to candy and meat ones. As usual, this TJ’s dog advent calendar is super fun looking and has tasty treats for your pooch. It’s always hard to judge these since I don’t taste the treats and my dog will eat anything. But judging by her reaction, I think this calendar is a winner. The salmon and sweet potato dog treats seem to be a healthy version of normal dog treats. Does my pooch secretly get disappointed when she has to eat these instead of name brand treats? No clue. But she eats these and I like the festive design of the calendar so it’s a win win! It takes willpower to not give you dog any more than the daily treats, especially when they are begging for them with a wagging tongue and drool! Check out these items if you can’t make it to TJs …….

Good’n’Fun 12 Days of Dogmas Calendar, 3.8 Oz, Holiday Calendar with Chews and Treats for Dogs, Holiday Calendar Chews| 12-Count

Buy a Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar for Dogs – Salmon and Sweet Potato Dog Treats

  • Fun holiday tradition of Trader Joe’s dog advent calendar
  • My dog gobbled them up (not saying much though!?)
  • Salmon and Sweet Potato Dog Treats
  • Net Weight: 5.11 oz

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Trader Joe’s Dog Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are always not as substantial as I picture in my mind but this Trader Joe’s dog advent calendar is still really great looking. It’s so fun for my dog to associate this little box with a bunch of treats. I know some people swear by the cat advent calendars too so I’m curious to hear which one you prefer? Do cats seem to like their Trader Joe’s advent calendars like my dog does? The price seems reasonable for what it is, and since it’s only once a year I think this puppy is a no brainer!

Price: $5.99

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