Trader Joe’s Avocado Oil Spray, Cooking Oil Spray

This Trader Joe’s avocado oil is a new product for 2021 and is a fantastic healthy option for cooking oil spray. It doesn’t have a lot of the added junk that sprays like Pam have, with the only ingredient being avocado oil. With a high smoke point and a super easy to use spray bottle, this is legitimately one of the new items I’ve used the most in the past few months. I’ve used it cooking fish in the pan, chicken and vegetables, and it generally doesn’t leave any lingering taste. It also works well at its main job of making sure proteins, veggies and other foods don’t stick to the pan!………….

  • Zero calories
  • Net Weight: 5 oz
  • Only ingredient is avocado oil
  • Made in Mexico

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Avocado Cooking Oil Spray, Trader Joe’s Cooking Spray

There have been a few different cooking oil sprays at TJs over the years, but this Trader Joe’s avocado oil spray is the healthiest and my favorite of the bunch. Has anyone used this instead of name brand cooking sprays they used to use like Pam? I’d love to know the comparisons between the two and how people like to use this avocado oil spray!? In any case, if you are looking for an easy to use and relatively inexpensive cooking spray that uses avocado oil, which is very hard to find, espcially at a decent price, give this a shot. Its nice that TJs has finally found a producer to make avocado oil as a cooking spray. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray 13.5 oz (2 Pack), Non-GMO, 500°F Smoke Point, Propellant-Free, Air Pressure Only for High-Heat Cooking, Baking and Frying

Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil Spray 6 oz. (2 Pack), Non-GMO, 500°F Smoke Point, Propellant-Free, Air Pressure Only for High-Heat Cooking, Baking and Frying

Price: $3.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Avocado Oil Spray, Cooking Oil Spray

  1. It is true that there are no additives like in “Pam”, but I’ve found the spray avocado oil at Trader Joe’s to have a rather unusable, for the most part, spray – a stream rather than a spray shoots out, so that it’s not a good spray for a grill. There is simply no spray. It can be used for other things, but why buy two different containers of avocado oil? A “misto” spray container could have avocado oil just added to it and do better than the spray bottle of avocado oil at TJ’s.

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