Trader Joe’s Steamed Lentils

These Trader Joe’s steamed lentils, made in France, are fully cooked and sealed in pouches. They require zero preparation and are perfect for adding to salads or soups for some quick protein. They are of course vegan, and are one of the better tasting lentils I’ve had. The fact they are already cooked takes away the only annoying part about using lentils. They are such a good source of vegan protein but often I wouldn’t feel like the prep work to cook them. Problem solved with these little protein bombs that can be found in the refrigerated section at TJs. Whether you eat them warm in a soup or cold in a salad, this is a great go to vegan option at TJ’s………….

  • Vegan
  • Net Weight: 17.6 oz
  • High in fiber

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Steamed Lentils at Trader Joe’s

As always, vegans are the most creative with recipes, especially when it comes to adding protein packed items like steamed lentils! I’ve reviewed the red lentil pasta previously, which is also a great way to get some protein. But these are just straight lentils with a little salt and spices. What is everyone’s favorite lentil recipe to make, either cold or hot?! I know I have had some amazing lentil salads with a ton of healthy and nutritious veggies, and I’ve also had some rich and hearty soups that showcased super fresh lentils!

It can be hard to find such nutrient rich vegan options that are as easy to add to recipes as lentils are. What other similar vegan refrigerated or shelf stable items does Trader Joe’s have along the same lines as steamed lentils or lentil pasta? Let me know your favorites and I will make sure to try them very soon! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try……

Tasty Bite Indian Madras Lentils, Microwaveable Ready to Eat Entrée, 10 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Price: $3.29

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Steamed Lentils

  1. Do your steamed Lentils, ready to eat warm or cold. Have to be refrigerated only after opening? Before opening?

  2. Just wanted to post a warning. My mom broke out in fluid-filled hive-like blisters on her face after eating these three days in a row. It was some type of allergic eczema. Found your article when searching the product online.

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