Trader Joe’s Sparkling Water

Most of Trader Joe’s Sparkling waters are really good. This Winter Sangria sparkling water is exciting because of the fun name, but it basically is kind of like blood orange and berry flavor. Really delicious but at this point I love these absurd names they are coming up with more than the water. It’s almost like cologne and perfume names now. I guess winter sangria is a riff on the boozy mix of fruit and wine, presumably created in Europe!?! Trader Joe’s sparkling water is fairly priced at .79 a bottle and they are the perfect size to fit in your car cup holder to chug on the way home from the grocery………….

  • One of the better naturally flavored sparkling water flavors
  • Net Weight: 33.8 fluid oz
  • Orange and berry flavor to replicate fruit found in a sangria

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Trader Joe’s Sparkling Water Flavors

Lately I have been drinking a lot of the blood orange and orange juice seltzer cans from Trader Joe’s, which are basically a way cheaper and just as good tasting knockoff of Spindrift. The winter sangria and the cranberry clementine and the mandarin orange flavored all taste fairly similar. Who are we kidding, it’s probably all the same delicious flavoring in each one, with different labels. Fine by me, because they are almost all delicious! What is everyone’s favorite Trader Joe’s sparkling water flavor? I remember there being a pina colada flavored water at one point. Also wasn’t there a regular orange flavored one that basically tasted like Orangina?! I am imagining there’s a person at the water factory with a massive eye dropper of flavors and they just put a few in each vat of water and shout out a random name, thus creating names like Island Beach Chair Summer Solstice Berry and Jackfruit Persimmon Cocktail! …..

Price: $.79

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