Trader Joe’s Kung Pao Chicken

As with a lot of TJ’s frozen products, this Trader Joe’s Kung Pao chicken comes in a few different plastic bags within the big bag. There is the peppers, the veggie, the sauce, the peanuts and the chicken. The chicken is pre cooked so you don’t have to worry about making sure its done when it’s in the skillet. I like this kung pao chicken, but it’s not amazing. The veggies can sometimes be hard to crisp up and the dish is a little on the sweet side for me. It is fairly easy to make with just a non stick skillet and some oil. Make sure and follow the directions or you may end up with some burned and overcooked aspects of the dish…..…….

  • All dark meat chicken
  • Net Weight: 23 oz
  • Chicken comes pre-cooked

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Kung Pao Chicken at Trader Joe’s

If you are a big fan of Trader Joe’s frozen meals, this will most likely fit the bill for you! I would definitely say the Trader Joe’s Orange chicken is better than this, but I’d compare this to a lot of the really good frozen Indian dishes at TJ’s. If you put some good homemade white rice with this and a bottle of soy sauce, you can have yourself a very satisfying meal.

What are everyone’s favorite frozen Asian dishes at Trader Joe’s? There have been a bunch of them over the years that have come and gone. I think there was a hunan style frozen entree at some point that I can’t exactly remember the name of that I loved. The TJ’s frozen section can be a dangerously delicious place. But as long as I make it an entire Trader Joe’s trip without hitting the frozen dessert section, I feel like I have at least some willpower!…….

Price: $5.49

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Kung Pao Chicken

  1. Correction: That was a shard of clear plastic in mine.Chicken was also gritty which made me think it contained ground particles.

  2. This is definitely my favorite frozen meal! I like to mix mine with the edamame fried rice from TJ’s.

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