Trader Joe’s Pub Cheese, Sharp Cheddar

Trader Joe’s pub cheese spreads perfectly on crackers. It’s the perfect all purpose dip. It can be eaten with a spoon (just me?). This reminds me of Merkt’s cheese that is at most groceries. TJ’s version has a really nice cheddar flavor and is such an easy consistency to work with. It’s basically like if you whipped cheese it would come out like this. I like to put this on grilled burgers as the cheese, not melting it but kind of plopping it on top of the burger to just get slightly hot. Trader Joe’s pub cheese isn’t meant for melting. In fact it doesn’t really melt when heated up as much as it kind of gets softer and mushier. Still delicious just not what you normally expect when melting normal cheese slices ………….

  • Made with cheddar cheese and milk
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • 80 calories per serving

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Trader Joe’s Spreadable Cheese

Many of the old hot dog stands in different parts of the country put a version of this on their char cheddar burgers. It basically adds an amazing cheese taste to any dish or can be eaten my itself. Perfect of course for dips and appetizer trays. What do people like to spread this on or use in recipes? The flavor is fairly strong so I would imagine it would dominate any dish that it’s in. I always have one of these in my fridge so I am super curious to hear everyone’s unique go to uses for this pub cheese! But when Trader Joe’s pimento cheese dip came out I was hooked on that. It has come and gone a few times in the last few years, but that dip was the absolute best. There is nothing like a good pimento cheese, so I’m hoping that becomes permanent eventually. Try it if you can find it at TJ’s now!…

Price: $3.99

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