Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade

This Trader Joe’s sparkling lemonade is tart, crisp and has a nice sweetness to it. It’s made in France which is pretty unique for a bottle of sparkling lemonade, and comes in a 33.8 ounce nice looking glass bottle for under $3. There have been a few different versions of sparkling lemonade drinks at Trader Joe’s over the years, including canned sparkling lemonade. There is still 90 grams of sugar in this lemonade, but it doesn’t taste completely overly sweet. Drink this by itself, serve it to your kids as a fancy treat or mix it with any number of cocktails!…..…….

  • 360 calories per bottle
  • 2% juice
  • Product of France
  • Net Weight: 33.8 oz
  • 90 grams of sugar per bottle

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French Market Sparkling Lemonade at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s does unique drinks really well, and this French made version is no exception. What does everyone like to drink this with? I’d love to hear drink recipes that use this lemonade if anyone has a go to cocktail?! I’m not sure if this is a Trader Joe’s seasonal item technically, but I’ve had trouble finding it at certain times of the year. I think this bottled version is better for kids and sipping on by itself as opposed to mixing with cocktails since it has a really good taste on its own. I like to use the canned Trader Joe’s juices for mixing with drinks since the carbonation in a big bottle can go away a lot easier. And if you can’t make it out to TJs in person, give these items a try…..

Fonti Di Crodo Limonata, Italian Sparkling Lemonade, 11.2 Oz. Cans (Pack of 24)

Sanpellegrino Lemon Sparkling Fruit Beverage, 11.15 Fl. Oz Cans (24 Pack)

Price: $2.99

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade

  1. This updated lemonade is disgusting. I loved the previous version of the lemonade!
    I hope they change it back.

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