Trader Joe’s Acerola Puree, Organic Fruit

These Trader Joe’s acerola puree packets are unsweetened, frozen and come without the seeds. They are ready to squeeze into smoothies, yogurt, juice or any other recipe that calls for a tart, sour taste. The actual acerola berry grows on evergreens native to South America and these packets were produced in Brazil for Trader Joe’s. They are sort of similar to acai packets that TJs carries, but are a darkish yellow color and are definitely sour and tart. But the real thing that separates acerola puree from other fruits is the amount of Vitamin C it contains. According to Trader Joe’s, each organic acerola packet has 1180% of the daily recommended Vitamin C!

  • 30 calories per packet
  • Net Weight: 14 oz (4 puree packets)
  • Only ingredient is organic acerola puree

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Organic Acerola Puree Packets at Trader Joe’s

This is one of the superfoods that is beginning to catch on for its ridiculously high vitamin c content, so naturally Trader Joe’s has found a way to make them in individual little serving packets that don’t contain any seeds and are ready to eat. Has anyone used these acerola puree packets in juice or smoothie recipes yet? I’m curious to know how everyone compares the taste of acerola to acai and which one you like better. Either way, give these a shot as something different in your daily smoothie for some added Vitamin C without having to take a supplement! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Pure Acerola Cherry Powder Organic, Natural and Organic Vitamin C Powder (Immune Vitamin) for Immune System Booster, 8 Ounce, Best Superfoods for Beverage, Smoothie and Drinks, Vegan Friendly

Country Life Acerola C, 500 mg, 180-Wafers

Price: $3.49

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14 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Acerola Puree, Organic Fruit

  1. I just found out that this has been discontinued. Dry disappointing to say the least.

    I ask management to reverse this decision and bring it back off at all possible.

    1. Please bring it back – it’s great- I just went to get more and I am so disappointed that I hear it’s discontinued!

  2. “PLEASE” bring this back, I can’t handle any other source of vitamin C but this. AGAIN PLEASE!!!

    1. Acerola cherry has such a high vitamin c content its by far the best beauty anti aging product you have i drink two a day it would put me out completely id be so upset if this actually got discontinued here

    2. Im with cindy and the rest huge mistake to discontinue acerola cherry puree its one of the best products you have

  3. I did not realize they had discontinued it. When I went to Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago, I saw they were out, but the labels were still on the bins, so I assumed they had just run out of it. Very sad to see it was discontinued. I loved adding 1/2 of the packet to my daily smoothie.

    I had been sending my friends to Trader Joes for this. I guess Amazon is getting going to get this business now. Their Acerola Puree is more expensive and you have to buy a lot, but it comes well packaged in dry ice, so it is super frozen when you get it.

  4. Greetings: I was disappointed to see Acerola berry discontinued. I submitted a request already under the discontinue tab however, I wanted a representative to call me regarding this particular product. I my previous email I stated that It is a rich source of vitamin C ( 130%) and also contains many minerals and other vitamins, including beta-carotene, lutein, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid, and pantothenic acid.

    In an era where Your immune system because of most importance there is no other organic fruit which can provide an RSDA of 130% vitamin C. Please I ask to reconsider the discontinuation of this product as many Americans will benefit from this product. In addition, this product is extremely difficult to find. I would also suggest on the front packing to label this product to have very high levels of vitamin C. Thank you very much I have provide all my contact information below.

  5. Please please bring this back! I use this four times a week and it is the only acerola product that I feel the genuine vitamin c boost from! I have many health issues and it is helped me so much. Please bring it back!

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