Trader Joe’s Quiche, Mushroom and Spinach

I love most Trader Joe’s quiches. They are always buttery and rich and delicious. That being said, this isn’t one of my all-time favorite varieties. The spinach sort of dominates the quiche, and coupled with the mushroom, it’s just not really my thing. But if I loved spinach and mushrooms more, I think this would be ranked a lot higher for me. The consistency and texture of the quiche is amazing as usual. And if you love mushroom and spinach, especially spinach, then this is your jam. Trader Joe’s uses real, quality ingredients and French cooking methods for their quiches…….…….

  • 440 calories per quiche
  • Net Weight: 6.17 oz
  • Made with crème fraîche and butter for a super rich taste

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Trader Joe’s Mixed Mushroom and Spinach Quiche

Keep in mind this Trader Joe’s quiche isn’t meant to be microwaved. The only directions say to put it in the regular oven. It does come out a lot better when you stick it in a hot oven. Hot bubbly quiche with a slight crisped edge. Don’t tell anyone but I have microwaved most of the Trader Joe’s quiches when I am suuuuper lazy. They come out hot and are edible. Just be careful to not leave it in the microwave for too long or they will be totally dried out and not good. Let me know your favorite Trader Joe’s quiche variety! I don’t think I’ve had them all, and sometimes they rotate them in and out before I can try them. The great thing is TJ’s always seems to use the same French method and quality ingredients for all of their frozen quiche varieties. Now I need to perfect my homemade quiche recipe. Although they all look kind of labor intensive!……..

Price: $2.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Quiche, Mushroom and Spinach

  1. Would be nice if these are microwaveable. Seems like it’s very similar to a lot of other things that are. Hard to justify preheating and running the regular oven for just one of these.

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