Trader Joe’s Brown Rice, Frozen

Trader Joe’s Frozen Brown Rice is one of many rice varieties at TJ’s. It comes out surprisingly well when cooked in the microwave. The texture tastes pretty similar to rice made on the stove top. And there isn’t many places you can find organic brown rice at this price that you can cook so easily in 3 minutes. Trader Joe’s rice is generally high quality, whether it’s the Trader Joe’s Medley or Trader Joe’s Jasmine rice. You obviously can’t adjust exactly how you like your rice cooked when you microwave it, but this is about laziness! The fact that this rice is broken down into three packets instead of one big one is a huge bonus. My least favorite part about making rice is that I end up eating too much of it because you have to cook a decent amount usually to make it worth the hassle. Not with this TJ’s frozen brown rice!………….

  • Microwaveable for super easy prep
  • Net Weight: 30 oz (three 10 ounce packets)
  • Organic and grown in California

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Trader Joe’s Rice

This brown rice is really good when you mix some savory sauces in with it. Maybe even something out of a jar at Trader Joe’s like curry or masala. Does everyone have a go to sauce or recipe they mix with brown rice? I sometimes find it hard to know what to put on brown rice since with white rice I usually go with something sweeter like soy sauce. Brown rice usually doesn’t taste as good to me when the sauce is super sugary, so I’d love to know what people’s recommendations are for brown rice! The main takeaways for this Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice are that it tastes good and it’s easy to make. What would I do without the Trader Joe’s frozen section? And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try……..

Lundberg Farms Organic Brown Rice

Seeds of Change Organic Rice

Price: $2.99

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Brown Rice, Frozen

  1. Trader Joe’s stopped selling regular frozen brown rice months ago, and only carried the “organic” variety, which was okay. But the last few weeks they have not had any kind of frozen brown rice. It looks like I’ll have to find some other brand at some other store.

    1. I actually had the same issue but our store started carrying the regular one again but it’s in the organic bags and the rice tastes exactly like the organic now 🙁 I always preferred the regular because it was 100 times better than any brown rice I ever tried before. The organic Trader Joe’s just isn’t the same…

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