Trader Joe’s Basmati Rice, Grown in India

TJ’s has a ton of both frozen and non frozen rice, but this Trader Joe’s basmati rice is one of my favorites. Basmati rice has a super delicate texture that I love with thick and pungent sauces. A lot of Indian dishes I’ve had come with a side of basmati rice. Grown in India, this really does have a pleasant and unique feel and taste to it. Well as much as rice can have a taste. What dishes does everyone generally use this in? I’d imagine a big pot of this with a Trader Joe’s Tikka Masala Chicken entree would go really well together. ………….

  • Product of India
  • Net Weight: 32 oz
  • 160 calories per serving

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Trader Joe’s Rice Basmati Rice, Grown in India

This is the perfect rice to make a big pot of and either order in Indian food or make some homemade Indian food. A super strong and flavorful entree laid over the top of this Trader Joe’s basmati rice would probably hit the spot. Let me know any delicious Indian recipes everyone would make to go with this rice?! I absolutely love Indian food but admit that some of the recipes I have seen can be pretty labor intensive and daunting. Maybe there is book of simple Indian cooking out there that I need to have next to this rice at all times!?

I’d imagine if you had a super hot oven, a container of yogurt, some spices and this basmati rice, you could create a pretty good meal. I normally go for either the jasmine rice or this rice, but lately the plain white rice also has hit the spot for me. Usuaully just depends on the type of food, right? Chinese, Indian, so many delicious ethnic foods to try……

Price: $2.99

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