Trader Joe’s Birds Nest, Vegetable

These delicious vegan Trader Joe’s Birds Nest creations are greasy, tasty tempura tangles that absolutely hit the spot! Bake or fry them, dip them in the provided sweet and delicious soy sauce, and you have a really good meal. Trader Joe’s Birds Nests have been around a good while now and are universally loved by my vegan (and non vegan) friends alike. The onions definitely stand out in this dish so if you are expecting the type of tempura vegetables like you would get at a Japanese restaurant, these are a tad different. The addition of kale also gives this an interesting flavor that you typically wouldn’t see at a restaurant in this form…….…….

  • Made with onions, carrots and kale
  • Net Weight: 10.5 oz
  • 600 calories per box

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Trader Joe’s Vegetable Birds Nests

What does everyone make to go along with this Trader Joe’s birds nest? A few times I’ve used a sriracha mayo to dip these into, but haven’t ventured into making many homemade dips for these. I think a cool and creamy sauce like the spicy mayo you’d get at an Asian restaurant are perfect with these. The one factor is the onion taste that might call for a different type of sauce or condiment than normal. Let me know your favorite sauce and dip recipes to go with these tasty little nests!

I hadn’t realized how hard it is to find a similar product to these tempura birds nests. I searched my local grocery chain and I couldn’t find anything resembling vegetable birds nest in the frozen section. Do any other groceries carry frozen vegetable bird’s nests? Sometimes I forgot how unique some of the TJ’s products are since I get so used to a rotating array of products at all times!

Price: $3.29

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Birds Nest, Vegetable

  1. When will the bird nest veggies be available again? Can we order these online? As they are never in the store anymore!!

  2. I just had my first of the Trader Joe’s Bird’s Nest, Vegetable and was more than surprised at how great these taste. I hope Trader Joe’s will continue to keep this product in the store.

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