Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade

This Trader Joe’s olive tapenade is a delicious combination of chopped up olives, pimentos, oils and spices. It can be found in the refrigerated section, not to be confused with the Tjs olive tapenade that is sold in the canned aisle. This is perfect for putting on bruschetta, mixing in with pasta dishes, or putting on top of chicken or fish. I love the subtle but distinct flavor this adds to pretty much any dish. And all the work making it has already been done for you. I usually run out of the 7 ounce container in a few days, and for a price of under $4, I end up buying a few at a time. Just make sure that if you serve this at a party everyone really likes olives that tries this. Despite it being a pleasant and somewhat subtle flavor, it still has the normal olive smell and texture! ………….

  • 100 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 7 oz
  • Ingredients include olives, pimentos, herbs, spices and oil

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Olive Tapenade at Trader Joe’s

TJs has so many different products with olives in them, that it’s hard to keep track of which ones are the best at any given time. This Trader Joe’s olive tapenade is among my favorites. But sometimes I just feel like regular old olives and I’ll buy those little to go packs of kalimata olives. I take them when I fly or sometimes at work they are the perfect snack. What does everyone like to use this olive tapenade with? I’d imagine there are some great semi homemade recipes that can incorporate the flavor and nutrient packed tapenade in them seamlessly. If you ever have an appetizer on a toasty bread, this always makes it feel more fancy and flavorful! Check out these other options if you can’t make it to TJs…..

Organic Kalamata Olive Tapenade, Product of Greece, Olives, Garlic, Oregano, Olive Oil

Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade with Kalamata & Chalikidiki Olives Spread 9.5 Oz. (Single)

Price: $3.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade

  1. Kudos to Trader Joes for a product that is excellent with wonderful flavors, WITHOUT the garlic….. something I’ve been waiting for…. flavors of the olive tapenade do not necessarily depend on the old (tired) standby of garlic powder.

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