Trader Joe’s Fried Rice, Chicken

There are so many different types of rice at TJ’s, but this is one my faves. It has legit pieces of egg and chicken in it, and can be made in the microwave or on the stove top. Sometimes the frozen meals at Trader Joe’s can look like they are bigger than they actually are. But TJ’s’s fried rice with chicken is totally filling. For $2.29 price it’s super hard to beat the fullness to price ratio of this. I will admit that lately I’ve started eating the TJ’s Japanese Fried Rice. Put the bag in the microwave, dump the steaming hot contents into a bowl and add some soy sauce. That is a good meal……….

  • Good alternative to Trader Joe’s cauliflower fried rice
  • Net Weight: 20 oz
  • Stove top or microwave, take your pick!

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Trader Joe’s Fried Rice with Chicken

I go back and forth between having a craving for this traditional TJ’s fried rice and the Trader Joe’s Japanese fried rice. The Japanese version I think is a tad sweeter and more satisfying. The Trader Joe’s cauliflower fried rice is also good but of course cauliflower is never quite as good as rice. Let me know what your favorite type of fried rice is. Has anyone ever mixed two different versions of fried rice to create a fried rice monster?! The Japanese fried rice is so good that sometimes I just eat it plain and with no soy sauce or anything else added. One thing I do sometimes is add yum yum sauce to the fried rice like I’m at a Japanese steak house. Now that is living! Whether you’re at Benihana or a local Japanese teppanyaki place, adding the egg yolk sauce to the rice is a must! Let me know any other tips you have!

Price: $2.29

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