Trader Joe’s Falafel, Fully Cooked

These fully cooked and frozen Trader Joe’s falafel are such an easy and great tasting snack. They are fairly small but pack a good hint of garlic and chili peppers. If you prefer the Trader Joe’s falafel mix, these aren’t your jam. But for the $3.99 price and how quickly they can be heated up in the microwave, these are fantastic. We’ve all had crazy dry falafel that just kind of makes your mouth feel dried out. If you don’t cook these for too long, they are a really good falafel. Maybe not homemade or even the falafel mix taste, but still excellent……….

  • 240 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Way easier than the falafel mix with a lot of the same flavor!

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Falafel

If you keep a bag of these in your freezer at all times, you probably already know that you’ll need a jar of Trader Joe’s tahini in your fridge at all times too. The amazingly smooth and rich tasting tahini pairs perfectly with these falafels, especially when they are still piping hot! I’m not sure if Trader Joe’s still has that herbed tahini they used to carry, but the traditional Trader Joe’s organic tahini really hits the spot with these. The only real question is how much tahini is too much tahini? I usually a pour a glob onto the plate next to the falafel, eat a few dipped into the tahini, and then repeat like 5 times. I know tahini is healthy but it tastes so good that I somehow still feel guilty eating so much. Since a few people have asked me, of course the main ingrdeint of this falafel is garbanzo beans, which is what gives it such a dense and delicious texture!

Price: $3.99

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Falafel, Fully Cooked

  1. Super good, almost as good as their Falafal mix but easy to toss into an air fryer with some fish. I do not find them to be small, though, four-bite sized . . . and filled with flavor

  2. i love these! always in my freezer, i eat them constantly. airfry at 325° for 18 minutes, don’t even need to spray with oil. so easy and so good. no cilantro ! yay!
    trader joe’s tzatziki is great or ranch dressing works in a pinch

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