Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another TJ’s staple, these Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies are so good. I like that there’s a ton of chocolate chips in them. And that they aren’t too big. And the tub they come in is clear so I can admire them on my counter, telling myself I’ll wait until tomorrow to have another one. Maybe it’s the ingredients like chocolate liquor or cocoa butter, but man these do the trick. Some people have asked why everything at Trader Joe’s has ‘natural’ flavor in it, including these. I’d say if you are eating this tasty treats, don’t worry about that. If I buy these I usually get a gallon of milk to go with them. Put 3 cookies at bottom of glass. Pour some really good whole milk over them. Wait 3 minutes. A Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookie recipe! OK, maybe that is a mini chocolate chip cookie recipe, but it still works.…….

  • Oops I dropped one in my coffee!
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Lots and lots of chocolate chips

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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are an insanely good value when you compare them to other store bought cookies. As usual, I think Aldi is the only grocery other than Costco (and you have to buy in massive quantities) that offers as good a value for cookies as Trader Joe’s. Of course Trader Joe’s and Aldi share a parent company so it makes sense. If you live near an Aldi, peruse their sweets and baked good aisle and let me know if you see any similar products. I’ll be posting more about the Trader Joe’s and Aldi similarities soon! If you have any good Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies recipes similar to how these little guys taste, let me know!

Price: $4.49

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