Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, Plain

Trader Joe’s Plain Greek Whole Milk yogurt has a fairly neutral, non yogurt taste. It goes well in recipes and dips, or to thicken up a smoothie or fruit parfaits. Eating this plain I didn’t get much of a flavor other than a very slight tang. As far as value, this is cheaper than many groceries organic greek yogurts per ounce. I usually just mix yogurt with almond butter and a few dashes of Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie spice for a healthy desert. But I know a lot of people like to bake with yogurt in things like sour cream cakes. And I have added this plain yogurt to my smoothies a time or two. It definitely gives them a more dense and thick texture…….…….

  • 550 calories per container
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Organic made with whole milk

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Trader Joe’s Plain Greek Yogurt

The Trader Joe’s vanilla greek yogurt is really good too, but I usually reserve eating added sugars to more sweet desserts. I will say that the vanilla versions of TJ’s yogurt make a smoothie taste wayyy better than plain does. I’d love to know any great recipes people have for this organic greek yogurt. I don’t eat a ton of yogurt so I’m curious as to how would everyone compare TJ’s yogurt to national brand yogurts in general? I’m never sure if buying organic is worth it, and this yogurt is no exception. Is there a general rule that everyone follows to decide whether or not they should buy organic or not? I know that different fruits and vegetables are supposedly more important that they are organic, but who knows. Maybe someone has a good list to follow as a rule of thumb. I hate spending the extra money, but sometimes I think it is probably worth it?……

Price: $2.49

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6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, Plain

  1. Buying organic is probably more important when buying dairy products than other foods. There seems to be a growing consensus that hormones are showing up in dairy products and are affecting human health. People are also concerned about antibiotics that are routinely used with dairy cows. I agree that organic may not be very important with some foods but I personally think it very likely is helpful when it comes to dairy.

  2. I love this yogurt but just realized it has 0.5g of trans fats in it! What would that be? Not sure if the 2% fat version has trans fats, but I will be checking it out since I try to avoid trans fats as much as possible and I eat this yogurt almost every day. 🙁

    1. Ruminants (cows, sheep, goats, camels, etc.) produce small amounts of trans fats through their digestion process, which show up in their meat and dairy. There is evidence that these natural trans fats are less harmful, but even if not, .5g trans fat shouldn’t be dangerous to you (though I’m not a doctor, so consult your physician).

  3. Nice yogurt but the version I bought in August 2022, even though it says it is whole milk is actually, per the ingredient list, made from SKIMMED milk and cream. So the fat content is probably like whole milk, but it isn’t whole milk as provided by Bessie the cow.

    Is it different than whole milk yogurt made using milk as provided by a cow? Who knows? For sure, it has more processing and maybe the process of skimming the milk removes something that adding cream back in doesn’t restore. I’ll look elsewhere for my yogurt.

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