Trader Joe’s Cocoa Powder

This Trader Joe’s Cocoa powder is so good. The only ingredient is cocoa and it is unsweetened so it’s really healthy. I use it to bake with and also to sprinkle over things like oatmeal. Lately I have been adding to my smoothies to give them a nice kick. Because this TJ’s cocoa powder is black cocoa powder with nothing added I can easily add it to recipes. Let me know what cocoa powder recipes you have. I feel like this is a really healthy and easy way to make things have a unique flavor profile. At places like Whole Foods or natural groceries this type of unsweetened cocoa powder is way more expensive.

  • Trader Joe’s Cocoa Powder has one ingredient
  • Use it in smoothies or for baking!
  • This black cocoa powder is the rare product made in Colombia
  • Net Weight: 9 Ounces

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Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

This cocoa powder really is great to have around. I do admit though that I sometimes struggle to find times to use it. I’ve sprinkled it over oatmeal and even ice cream. I’ve put in my strawberry banana smoothies to add a nice chocolatey like kick. If anyone can recommend a go to baking cocoa powder recipe that would be amazing. If I had some recipe that I knew I could make regularly than this would probably be more of a staple in my pantry. I never thought cocoa powder could be in the good nutrition category because I associated it with sugary things. It’s funny when you realize that the raw products of a lot of unhealthy things are actually pretty healthy before a bunch of sugar is added to them. Although I do like plenty of sweets too!

Price: $2.49

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