Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea

This Trader Joe’s Matcha tea powder is definitely pricey for the amount of matcha powder, but it is still a decent value compared to other places that sell in in this form. It’s hard to find matcha in single use packages, so this makes it so easy to just heat up a mug of water and whisk this into it. In under three minutes you can have a rich and delicate tasting matcha tea ready. And that’s without having to open those big tubs of powder. Also, people will ask you what the little white sleeve this comes in has in it and will be impressed you have legit matcha powder.

Trader Joe’s matcha green tea latte mix is also sold at TJ’s. It really depends if you want just the ground up powder that this matcha offers, or the premix with other things added. I love the little slim packets these come in, and they are perfect for going camping or taking to the office. Just put one of these in your purse or bag and you’re good to go. I usually keep a few at work …….

  • Easy to use single serve packets
  • Ingredients are just matcha green tea powder
  • Net Weight: 10.5g

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Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea Powder

Sometimes I feel like the Trader Joe’s Matcha Latte mix when I want a sweeter drink. But often I just feel like a nice cup of smooth matcha tea, and this is perfect for that. You can always get a whisk or a matcha tea set with a matcha bowl and scoop to help with your daily ritual. One thing I have found is that this definitely has a good amount of caffeine kick to it, so make sure to take that into account when deciding how much caffeinated you want to be!

Price: $6.99

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  1. How much caffeine is in one 8.5 oz bottle and how much is in one packet of the 7 packets of powder you sell?

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