Trader Joe’s Brussel Sprouts

Trader Joe’s Brussel Sprouts come in a bunch of different forms. You can get shaved brussel sprouts, frozen brussel sprouts and even brussel sprouts still on the stalk. These particular ones come in a two pound bag and are super easy to cook. Just toss the little balls of green nutrients in some olive oil and put them in the oven. In the last few years these have had quite a renaissance and have become crazy popular. We’ve all seen the different variations of bacon roasted brussel sprouts on so many menus. And with good reasons since they are usually delicious…….…….

  • Just one of many forms of brussel sprouts at Trader Joe’s
  • Net Weight: 32 oz (2 lbs)
  • 35 calories per serving and full of good nutrients

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Brussel Sprouts at Trader Joe’s

The great thing about Trader Joe’s brussel sprouts, or really any fresh ones for that matter, is that they absorb flavors really well. When bacon fat hits them it imparts an amazing smoky crunch to them. When olive oil is drizzled on them, they crisp up and become a crunchy and healthy crispy ball. What is everyone’s favorite way to cook brussel sprouts? I haven’t tried the brussel sprout stalk yet but that seems like it could be an interesting way to mix things up a bit. It’s always tempting to buy the shaved brussel sprouts since all the work is done for you, but I actually enjoy eating the entire brussel sprout sometimes since it feels more hearty and filling that way. Do people have a go to dressing or dipping sauce recipe they make to go along with roasted hash browns? I usually like strong flavored sauces for brussel sprouts so I can hide some of the vegetable flavor of them. Maybe that makes me an unhealthy eater. Oh well…….

Price: $3.99

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