Trader Joe’s Hash Browns, Frozen

These Trader Joe’s Hash Browns are really tasty. They are simple to make by just sticking them in the oven. They come out crispy on the outside with a McDonald’s like taste to them. The inside is mushy and hot and delicious. And for a price of under $2, these should be a breakfast staple. They are frozen so just take a few out at a time (last time I made then I ate 5 in one sitting, oops!) and pop them in the oven. The real question here is what do you dip them in, especially if you are having them as a snack or it’s not breakfast time. I like having applesauce or sour cream with them but it really depends on what I’m craving………….

  • 120 calories per patty
  • Net Weight: 1 lb 6.5 oz
  • Good recreation of McDonald’s hash brown patties!

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Trader Joe’s Hash Brown Patties

Do people ever put these in a pan and crisp them up or does that not work because they are already cooked? I’ve only made them in the oven and they turn out great with almost no cleanup so I haven’t explored any other methods. Let me know any recipes or ways you like to eat these golden fried nuggets of oil and deliciousness! Trader Joe’s hash browns have been around a long time, and it’s one of the few products that have consistently been in my freezer always, no matter the season or time of year. And every time I make them for people the response is always that they taste like they were made at a restaurant. So grab the ketchup or sour cream or apple sauce. Or maybe just use your hands and eat one of these hot out of the oven. …..

Price: $1.99

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