Trader Joe’s Black Beans, Organic with Sea Salt

These Trader Joe’s black beans are priced right at under $1, and have a good earthy flavor, mixed with the sea salt. TJs also has regular black beans, and a few other canned beans varieties. You can make a good replication of Trader Joe’s black bean dip with these beans, some jalapenos, garlic and tomatillo. Or you could just buy the black bean dip because you are lazy like me! This is a good value for organic black beans, but you can find standard beans a lot cheaper at places like Aldi. These have a ton of nutrients in them and for people that eat keto or slow carb, beans are key to getting a lot of the nutrients you miss out on………….

  • 110 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 15.5 oz
  • Priced .20 cents more than regular Trader Joe’s Black Beans

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Black Beans at Trader Joe’s

How does everyone generally like to eat their black beans? Is there a go to recipe you make these in, or do you often do what I do, and just dump them in a pot and heat them up. Sometimes I’ll eat these as a side dish when I have chicken or skirt steak. And when I’m feeling ambitious I’ll make some bacon for breakfast and use the rest later in the day to mix up with the beans for a really delicious sweet and savory side dish. I’m never sure whether organic beans are worth buying or not, but they are only .20 cents more, so I guess it depends on what you think is worth it. If anyone has anything really unique or delicious they always add to their black beans, let me know. I feel like I’m bad at being creative with simple things like beans! …..

Price: $.99

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